Customer Service Guarantee

Customer Service Guarantee

Our Commitment to you:

All of us at Main Street Funding Group will consistently exceed your expectations by efficiently working to get you the best funding for your business in a timely and professional manner.

We are here to serve you:

Our Customer Service Guarantee lets you know what you can and should expect from Main Street Funding group, and what we’re doing to hold ourselves accountable every day.

1. We will reach out to you within 24-48 hours of receiving your information or your online application.
2. We will treat you with courtesy and respect.
3. We will be available to answer your questions in a timely manner, whether by
• Phone: 561-203-7325 or 844-249-7047
• Email:

For most requests, we will respond the same business day, and for all requests, we will respond within 24 hours on weekdays and 72 hours on weekends. Our fastest way to communicate is by email.

Our hours of operation are: Monday through Friday 9am to 5 pm Eastern Standard Time although employees are usually working beyond these time frames.

We do not guarantee funding:

While Main Street Funding Group gives you the best possible chance of getting approved for a small business loan, we do not guarantee you will receive a business loan. That being said, we make every attempt at funding your business by seeking multiple paths and strategies to achieve your goals.

Refunds for products and services:

When applying for a business loan or alternative means of funding for your business, you the customer may have to pay for outside services or products that are required during the process such as credit reports, financial analysis’, business plans, etc. These products and services are usually ordered and paid for prior to receiving an approval or declination on a business loan.

These products must be paid in full (unless other arrangements have been made in writing) regardless if you receive funding for your business. There are no refunds for these products or services however, certain costs associated with these products and services or other fees may be credited back to you as a rebate at the time of closing on a business loan. (Credited items and rebates and will be discussed during the application process).

Should you have any questions or comments pertaining to our Customer Service Guarantee, please feel free to contact us at and let us know how we may improve to better serve you.

Thank you for choosing Main Street Funding Group.

Last updated on 11/26/17